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About our ADULT Classes


You can learn all about your machine. The main parts, how to replace needles, change presser foot, wind a bobbin, load a bobbin, thread machine, check tension, choose fabric, thread & needle, choose stitches.

You can learn HOW TO DO....Buttons & buttonholes, zippers, hems, bias binding, piping, gathering, basting, elastic casings, applique.

We'll cover GENERAL SKILLS such as pinning, overlocking, seam allowances, pressing, top stitch, straight stitch, backstitch, zigzag, change sewing direction.

Sewing from PATTERNS allow us to read pattern markings, prepare fabric, place pattern correctly onto fabric, cut out pattern, learn pattern and fabric terminology for example, bias, grainline, folds, selvedge.

FABRIC choice also plays a huge part, you'll have an eye for gorgeous fabrics and fabric combinations in no time.

Absolute Beginners
For those of you who have never sat at a sewing machine or maybe the last time you sewed was high school.  This course will cover the absolute basics and have you feeling confident to tackle any project.

Classes generally run on Saturday afternoons, however we are flexible and fit in shift workers during the week if required, just ask.

Sewing Group
For those of you who know the basics or know a whole lot.  We will teach you whatever it is you want to learn or help you with certain projects you'd love to tackle.

Classes run on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday evenings and Wednesday mornings.  Classes are held during the school term, breaking for the school holidays.

Pop In Classes
For those who know the absolute basics of sewing and wish to spend an evening or afternoon sewing with a group of others.  This is a great class to ask for help on those projects you are stuck on.

Classes generally run on Friday nights, Saturday afternoons & evenings during the school holidays.

Private Lessons
For anyone who would like us to yourselves, to teach you the absolute basics, to work on particular projects or cover the skills you need to make your projects confidently at home.

Times are flexible and available on Tuesday & Thursdays during the day, Wednesday afternoons, Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays.

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